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About me

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When you work with me, you will not be hiring just a designer. Though design, user interface and development are my biggest strengths, you are hiring someone with extensive technical skills who can talk 'tech speak' but also 'translate' into plain english. I also have extensive project management experience, using both traditional and Agile methods, which includes multiple site-wide redesigns of seattletimes.com.

As we work together, you will find that I'm easygoing, timely, responsive, and great at what I do. I have worked as a professional (web) designer for 10 years, on projects ranging from a simple 5 page site to an incredibly complex site with hundreds of thousands of pages. My length of time in the field has given me a wide variety of experience and exposure to the many facets of web design.

I believe that any design I create for you should, first and foremost, serve your business. The style should be appropriate for the purpose of the project and the material should be clear and easy to use so your customers get the information they need. I enjoy working with clients to explore that purpose and develop a site or other materials that bring it all together: beautiful, usable, and functional.

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